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After profiling over 400,000 applicants and hiring over 2,000 salespeople for clients over the last 25 years, I can tell you that I know how frustrating it is to hire salespeople. You pick them out from the stack of resumes or LinkedIn profiles. Then interview them. In the interview, “they handle so well, you just know they are going to be perfect.” Six months later you’re firing them or they quit. It's crazy yet everybody keeps recruiting the same way.
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Get the direction you need to avoid big talkers & fake applicants

What Are Your Next Steps for Building a Sales Team Without Getting Fooled by the Big Talkers & Fakers?

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  • Discover your 5 unique sales hiring bottle-necks that is stopping you for hiring Top sales performers right now (They are 5 of them by the way)
  • Get the direction you need to avoid the big talkers and the fakers
  • Gain clarity on what to do to avoid attracting time-waster sales applicants

Get the direction you need to avoid big talkers & fake applicants

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